Removing decal under lacquer

Whats the best way of removing a decal that is under lacquer from a plastic panel?

Flannels soaked in boiling water placed over them with the help of a heat gun on top. It melts the adhesive. Repeat until done.

even ones under lacquer?

You’re going to have to use paint stripper to remove the lacquer. It’s going to very messy, personally I wouldn’t bother.

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hmm so decal on top?

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Yes! I once bought chrome-finished lettering to go over the lacquered GSX-R decals on my old 750 (it looked better than it sounds).

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Go over mate if the new one exact same shape. Be careful with using chemicals to remove, on my old exc it took the top shine off my black track plastics

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Chrome decals over lacquered decals (sorry, trip down memory lane, loved this bike):

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was this the yoshimura one?

No, this was my second 750, the 2004/K4.

That one was the 2008 K8 model.