Remove front tyre on a centre stand?


has anyone removed front wheel whilst the bike is on centre stand? I’d imagine the front need propping up with something, just wondering what to use and where on the bike to prop. Bearing in mind i have to do it on the street…

Speedo cable has snapped knackering the joint at the sensor on the wheel, so looking to replace that


Easier with a mate to help…possible to do by shoving a bit of wood somewhere on the frame at the front to prop it up, but I’d rather have someone holding the bike then prop the forks up on a beer crate or something.

ive done it by filling my top box with beers (they were around in the garage and quite weighty) so the rear wheel touched down, lifting the front safely into the air :slight_smile:

2/2 replies include beer:w00t:

would wine work? :smiley:

thanks. Will find a friend, failing that will get some beers in!

and if these solutions fail you can always just get drunk

Finding a friend would probably be the toughest thing! :w00t:

Try using a hydraulic jack under the frame (in front of centre stand behind forks) to keep front end from falling.


Yeah - jack with a block of wood under the exhaust downpipes where they start to collect together.

Also - loosen the axle bolt, axle pinch bolts while the bike is still on the ground - you don’t want to have to exert too much force on them while the bike is on the jack as it might unbalance it.

Probably also be easier to get the wheel off/on with the calipers removed as well - hang em on the handlebars with a couple of bungees to avoid damaging the brake lines.

I managed it on a Bandit by propping the front up using a toolbox wedged under the engine.

i use axle stands under the downtubes.

I put my tool box on the rack, did the trick.