Remove Baffles

Hi, I have got the twin arrow cans on the gsxr. I would like to remove the baffles for a listen! But would still want to be able to put them back in when I wanted. Anyone talk a daft plank through the process?

how are they held in? rivit / bolt / circlip thingys?

they are likely to be very tightly fitting. you may need some wd40 and something like a couple of sets of longnosed pliars. youll also need a drill to drill out the rivet, or the relevant spanner/socket if theyre held in place with a bolt. personally id also do it cold, not warm, in case you need to help it out with your hand. getting it back in can also be a little bit of a pain, but should be possible.

once you bear all of that in mind, note that its normally just a matter of drilling out the rivet and pulling it out :wink: putting it back in will need a small bolt or larger rivet than the first to secure it :wink:

any problems, say and ill have another think :slight_smile:

Im pretty sure they are cir cipped in on arrows, take a picture of one can from the exhaust end and we’ll have a nose.

dont worry it aint brain surgery, if you can hold a spanner im sure you’ll manage to get ya baffels out!

no idea, powty - Mark’s not about to ask - he is at knockhill - so ive just given a general guideline :slight_smile:

Cheers. Will take a pic over the next few days and see if we can work it out. Thank you.

cool, if you struggle come up the BM meet and i’ll pull em out for ya… :wink:

took me all of 30 seconds to remove the baffle from my Scorpion can, one M4 bolt and a pull with pliers. Easy enough to stick back as well. Made the bike sound just sooo much better, runs better too and is 8bhp up on power according to the dyno runs I did, so I am pleased.

Thanks very much for the help. Turns out that the circlip thingy was only held in by a sliver of metal which came off with barely any touch. I just removed the clips and yanked the baffles out!

Sweet! Nice sound man!

cool, glad you’re sorted, was begining to worry, i reckon my nan could get a baffle out!! :stuck_out_tongue:

Let’s get a few Nans together (those who have them left) and get them to do a demonstration

My arrow can had a circlip and the baffle looked like a metal dildo :stuck_out_tongue: jetstream we’re milllionaires! :smiley:

Ooooohh, what shall we start spending it on? Celebratory BBQ somehwere in Hertfordshire for starters I think.

Not sure how this post has gone in this direction! I love LB!

Only takes 1 min to remove, i had my baffles out at brands and only tested at 98 db, so well under the rd limit.

You should have got a user manual with the pipe, Have a look in there or ask the people you bought it off :slight_smile: