Removal of Side Stand

Hi All,

I’ve been busy this weekend stripping down my R6 of its road fairings to put my track/race ones on, but notice that I’m going to have to remove my side stand due to the belly pan I’ve purchased, which is no biggie, but does anyone have any suggestion how to stop the engine cutting out, i.e is there a switch or part I need to get to stop the kill switch.

cheers fr you help


Cable tie the side stand switch, then tape it up to stop the tie sliding off.

When you’ve finished the trackday simply de-tape and cut off the tie. Simples.

you can cut the fairings about a bit to allow you to keep the side stand.

depends if it’s an open or closed circuit but you either have to pull the plug apart and just leave it or put a loop of wire between the 2 connectors.