removal of baffels on a standard cbr 600 rr can

how do i remove the baffels to give her that deeper groan? ive taken the case off of the end of the can and there seems to be no grub screws holding in the baffels - any ideas?

Don’t think you can on a standard Honda can, could not on my old 04 rr.

:ermm: I don’t believe it has one

it has a baffle a lot of yanks just drill the insides but they also normally do it with an aftermarket can to go one after just in case. do a search on loads of them have done it.

oooo, thanks Henry
I think I’ll stick to buying a new one :wink:

well maybe not a baffle as we would think off it’s more of a metal plate that restricts something or other if i remember correctly it’s been ages since i had the RR…maybe i’ll get another in the spring:)