This is why is sucks donkey balls and should be eliminated from modern civilised society.

Brain washed false environment,controled by religion and corupt goverments with personnel armys.

well the pope has resigned…its a start :smiley:

Well I can’t see how it is possible, majority of people are against any kind of religion, specially stupid ones with really medieval approach to life. But around is more and more signs that everyone shall respect other religion beliefs and behaviour related to it. Here probably I shall give an example/examples but we all know and this no need statement.
So either one way or another, don’t like religion say it out loud, not in the pub after glass or on the forum, slagging off everything but outside in public silent agreement to whatever someone throw at you. However stupid it is and however not related to 21 century life.

I hope this make sense.

Religion has caused more death than anything else ever the contribute to the planet… cant be a good thing!


The “natural cause” death is the winner, next are dictators and wars, then religion s . Is not one religion we have to treat everyone and everything equal.


Dictators …religious… wars… over religion… religion doesn’t treat people as equals and people do not seem to die in mass genecide over religion as they do from natural cause’s… Your point being???

Israelite conquest of Canaan
Islamic expansion, The Crusades
The Thirty Year’s War
The French Revolution
The Taiping Rebellion, and the similar Muslim one which I can’t remember the name for
WW2 (Holocaust primarily)
Lord’s Resistance Army
Lebanese Civil War
Algerian War of Independence and Civil War
Iranian Revolution
Here’s a few religion had a part in, but there are alot more…:rolleyes:

I completely agree with you all but… please don’t overlook the Quakers. Religious yet peaceful folk who have done nothing but good for us all :slight_smile:

They are a shining example of what a religion should be. All the rest will most probably go to hell.

I’m not a Quaker btw - I just have a lot of admiration for what they’ve done, and continue to do.

Ah good ol christianity… curing diabetes and cancer over telephone and TV

I was going to post but realised there is no point in debating anything with someone who believes in a ‘higher power’, much less so on an online forum… :smiley:

I vaguely remember years back there was a highly intellectual debate on LB about religion.

Stoning as a form of punishment apparently goes back to Ancient Greece.

Presumably in those days it was just because ropes were more expensive.


Hey you name it, we invented it! :smiley:

This pretty much sums it up for me

you mean like the bubonic plague? or aids? or typhoid?

Hold on, the spread of aids in africa is directly attributed to the idiots in Rome who instruct their believers not to wear condoms.

Now I am in no way saying that religion has caused more death than anything else but it is definitely up there. It has caused some of the bloodiest battles in history - ok some were all about the gassing, but you get my drift.

What is stupid that even within one religion people don’t agree about their view. So you have christians who have different views on christ and god, yet everyone is positive they have found the solution to everything. So from tomorrow I am declaring that I forming my own religion where Jesus is an atheist hippy…

I have no problems with faith, I have a problem with organised religion. Because all organised religion is is exploitation and fraud. Plain and simple. I saw Dynamo on a TV program walking on water, wonder if in 2,000 years they call him the second coming because he pulled off a stunt.

Oh and just for a laugh… God is up there competing with Stalin:

Am no fan of Religion, but when we look at the cause of huge numbers of deaths, let us remember than Hitler was reportedly a vegetarian. :smiley:

Down with this sort of thing! :slight_smile:

“That’ll be an ecumenical matter.”

"grrls, feck, arse. I love my brick… "


oh christ another fecking crappy religion post:D