Reliable garage/mechanics?


My bike needs some work doing to it which is a little advanced for me, the carbs need cleaning for one and I have a few other things which I’d like to get done in the process. I can do the basics (sparks/oil/filter etc.) but this is beyond me a little and I don’t have the time or tools to be doing it either.

Could someone recommend to me a decent garage/mechanic in the area? Have not been around here long so would rather ask around than take it to the most obvious and get over charged for shoddy work.

I’d rather find a decent one and just keep using the same place.

Thanks alot!

Hi - which area please?

Well, I’m in east london but i really am open to all suggestions.

Thanks alot

East London -

SBK Service in E1 - - not used myself but comes highly recommended by some courier mates.

Burwins - Essex Road, N1. - - good bunch of guys, used and happy with work done. - off great eastern street in the City. used and happy.

+1 for SBK City.

They’re fab. I get all work on my bikes done there now.