Reliable bike transportation needed

Hi All,

Anyone have any reccomendations in regards to a bike mover? I remember there was a member on here who had his own business doing it?

Need to go get a bike from Birmingham and dropped to NW London.

I will be with the bike to collect and recieve but wont need to travel with it.


The most economic option is going to be a self drive van hire. Even if you manage to get courier rates on that taking into account the expense of getting yourself there and back self drive van hire has to be a hands down winner.

Yeah but with having to secure it etc. I would rather just pay a company who is insured and experienced.

Not looking for the most cost effective. Just the most reliable and safe.

@Big_D might be able to help you out. His van has wheel chocks etc.

+1 for BigD

OK cool. Will give him a message