Hey, everyone! Got a simple question… Decided to install a pair of heated grips on my better halve’s CBR125… Good news- job was easy enough, and it does work! Issue- I do not like, that it can be used even when the bike is off…

Could someone help me out a bit and advise how can I do it dependant to ignition? Maybe to add a relay? But if so, which one? I do not have a lot of knowledge in electrical equipment, but I would like to do it properly…

Relays are just an electrically operated switch.

As you put a voltage through the coil the switch closes, completing that circuit.

Take a feed off of a switched live (like the headlights) though the coil and to ground (the bikes frame).

Take a wire from the positive of the battery to the switch and then to the accessory.

Add a relay, its an easy job if you have the right tools. You’ll need wire, fuse holder, female spade terminals to connect to the relay, ring terminals to connect to the battery, butt terminal to splice into the number plate wiring, crimp tool and some shrink wrap to insulate and add a little mechanical strength to the terminal/wire connections.

There are 5 terminals on the relay numbered 30, 85, 86, 87 and 87a, do not use terminal 87a

connect terminal 30 to battery +12v (positive/red) via a fuse
connect terminal 87 to +12v (positive/red) heated grips
connect terminal 85 to +12v switched live (splice into existing wiring loom such as rear number plate light)
connect terminal 86 to earth point on frame
connect -12v from heated grips to earth point on frame

When the number plate light comes (ignition on) the heated grips will have a live feed. When the number plate light goes off (ignition off) the heated grips will have no feed.

Ah, the happy days of leaving ya grips on and coming back to a flat battery…

Wow, National Treasure, you’re real treasure! Cheers, that is exactly what I was hoping for… Ordering everything now, otherwise soon I will get a call from my beloved one saying the bike wouldn’t start :smiley: Thanks again!!!