Relational database skills

Relational database skills

I am looking for some (paid) help with a research project I am doing. I need someone who can help me load the ‘STATS19’ ( data tables and reference data tables, link them up and filter the 3 main tables (accidents, vehicles and casualties) for motorcycles. Will probably need a second filter by region / county as there are millions of records. I have a hosting account that comes with MySQL, but have seen a group of cyclists do something similar to what I want to do using Google Fusion tables (they have mapped accidents here - so maybe that’s the better platform to use.

Please shout if you have the skills and would like to help. Thanks – N

I’ll have a look at the data when I get to work. Can’t promise anything.

That cyclists link doesn’t appear to work, what do you want to display? Also I can give you free hosting if you like.

Thanks vm both - if you delete the ‘)’ from the cyclists link, it works. I am looking to both map the data, and mine it for trends but for a wider area than the TfL documents I can find.

SQL probably ideal, but if the data set isn’t massive Excel can do a reasonable job? I can’t look now as on phone :slight_smile: good luck

Damn! Completely forgot about this! Do you still need it?

Hi Cypher - yes, I am still keen to do this. Thanks _ N