Hi all,

I’m planning to get my 2002 R6 rejetted/Dyno tested, can anyone recommend a good place?


When you say you want to get it rejetted, what are you looking to do ? do you have a particular problem in the rev range that you’re wanting to sort or are you looking for more power ?

I have just fitted a Full Akra system and a K&N air filter, so i thought i get the whole bike retuned to match the system:D

surely that should add an extra 15bhp plus?

Oh no, at least 50 :wink:
Aye, if you’ve popped on a full system then you deffo want to get it set up, or you could well end up holing pistons… only place I can recommend personally is PDQ in Taplow.They are the dog’s…

Road and Track Dyno/MSG Racing, Harebridge Lane Ind Est, Halton, 01296 623131.

Sean or Gavin will sort your bike no worries, and they do a wicked cuppa.:smiley:

I will not use anyone else, period.:smiley:

Cheers guys for all your advice, will check them out:D