3 interviews and 3 rejections…sucks right now.

Chin up dude, their lose not yours;)

I feel your pain but really 3 is nothing.

three years of trying now, lost count of the applications and fone calls sent, and only about 1% bother to reply.:angry:

for Gods sake don’t dare grow older than 25 coz all your opportunities stop at that age.:angry:

Stay positive as I’m sure something will turn up soon.:wink:

Mate, graduated in 92 in one of the worst recessions ever (far worse imho than today) - the most important thing to keep going and keep being positive. The right job will come, it just might take a lot longer than you wished.

Don’t be afraid to ask for feedback too. There might be some areas you can improve.

Good luck

(sorry - tried to quote PJ for the “chin up” bit and add +1)

Remember one of them was too dodgy to go for anyway;) Use them as “interview practice”

dont take it to heart mate… as others said keep positive and try again!

i feel your pain,

Remember finding a job is like fishing. You may think you have a bite or two but then all of a sudden you will get a big fish and you will be eating for ages!!!

keep on keeping on
success comes in cans, not cannots
persistence prevails when all else fails

keep cracking mate.

Its a numbers game. Te more you apply, higher chance you got of gettting something.

Tried agency work? that normally gets your foot in the door at a compnay…

Mate, i got my current job by phoning up after recieving a rejection letter to find out why i didn’t get an interview. Went for an interview and got the phone call within an hour!!! Dont give up.

You’re doing better than me, so far I have had two leads, ie they were passing my CV onto the client.

No interviews so far.

And I currently don’t have a job. Just keep plugging away dude, that is all you can do.

Feel you pain, been there and its not good. In the last recession
volume was important. Also, agency work, even if its only a week
fills a gap in your CV.

you’ll get there… :slight_smile:

good luck with the job hunting matey. what sort of stuff you looking for?

Unlucky mate, but something is going to turn up.

I was looking for a year. Even took up couriering just to get out of the house.

Cheers peeps, I’ve got back on the horse and applied for 10 more jobs yesterday. I had offers prior to the recession but didn’t take it now finding it hard to get something but got to be thankful I’m still in a job atleast.

I’m looking for commodity trading, inparticular energy. Analytical work, optimisation or junior trading. Basically all middle office work in trading with some front office exposure. It’s what I’m doing at the moment. Any recruiters on here that want to sign me up? :slight_smile:

Nice one dude. At least youre looking and applying.

Must start doing that myself

PM with your details I can put if forward where I work

PM sent, thanks!