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Reintroduce myself

Hi all

Its been awhile since i was on here especially after my crash in 2015 thanks to a van turning infront of me.

Injury list was: collapsed lung, bruised bladder, torn adductors right leg, lower back damage to muscles and discs, 7 broken ribs, grade 2 tear to my spleen, crush shlong and nuts and a broken pelvis right down the middle of it.

After lots of pain management including injections into my spine, physio and 42 sessions with a chiropractor i felt good enough to get back onto a bike as i felt cheated. I whittled the list down to a couple of 1000cc inline 4 bikes and then settled on the k8 gsxr as the k9 onwards to me was ugly.
Found a 1 owner model exactly as i wanted in the colour and with the twin arrows with only 7k miles on it.

Ive ridden it through all weathers and definitely enjoy being back on two wheels again.


Long time

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Welcome back. :grinning:

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Hello stranger :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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you again! glad to see you back bud :slight_smile:

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welcome back mate! Nice bike!

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Welcome back… Like the bike.

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Wow. Impressive you made it through that injury list, but my mind boggles over the first photo, either:

(a) You took it while lying on your side with all those injuries. In which case, respect man.
(b) Some passer-by decided to take photos while you were lying on the ground badly hurt. In which case, FFS.

I managed to make a call to the mrs to say “ive had a crash but im fine keep going to work” she wasnt having it and made me send my location then while laying there unable to breath or deal with the pain i thought i best take some photos for my solicitor as proof.

I managed to take three shots before passing out and it helped win the case as it proved i wasnt far from the impact as with any bike crash they claim the bike was going 1000mph


Massive respect


I always maintain that the best thing to do after a crash is take a photo, because you’ll never be able to recall or prove the immediate situation better than that.


Yeah, it’s having the presence of mind to do it…

I didn’t have the presence in much less severe accidents so kudos on doing that there and then.

Also, sounds like a horrific crash, the road doesn’t look that fast, as you say you weren’t that far away from bike so can’t have been going that fast so one can only assume you were also bloody unlucky.

One last thing… Extra kudos for putting phone back. Either that or you were lucky no fucktard stole it while you were laying there passed out!


I didnt get a chance to put my phone back so the officer took it and ended up in an argument with the mrs as he tried to suggest i was on my phone when it happened so she shouted at him until she got my phone she told me lol

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Jesus… What a twat

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Welcome back, blimey there are some nasty injuries there, I hope you made a full recovery.

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I reckon im 90-95% healed so im happy with that as it didnt look great for the first two years but cant complain.

Welcome back
Wow that a big list of ouchies :astonished: glad to hear you’ve made a good recovery.
If I remember correctly wasn’t you the vw nut that kept chopping the car up for bigger motors? Been a long time so could be wrong.

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Yep he just posted loads of pics on the other thread


Bloody hell mate, what a smash! Welcome back to two wheels and LB!

LOL at on the phone whilst riding claim. What a plank.

Nice replacement bike :slight_smile:

Thanks guys its been awhile but glad to be back and enjoying it again. Just need to get out on some meets and ride outs again :sunglasses: