As I understand we need 25 more bod for the BCW so come one folks pull the finger out and get on it YA know ya wanna

It’s a good thing for all

All the bods form the first list where for art thou

I counted 71 names now there be 20 odd where ya all gone

Don’t make me send the Chav round

Mine’s in the post.

Nice one m8

OK FOLKS GET YS FINGER OUT AAAAAAAaaaaaaaa 22 more needed

Yes I was shouting very loud

when? where? what do i have to do? and for how long?

I received mine in the post today and was about to fill it out when i though :

I am about to buya bike mid end of July - obviously if i register my scooter now i wont be able to change it to my “new” bike correct?

what do i do???

hmm… in order to register i woul dhave to send my license atm and insurance for my scoot too, but by 8th september i will be on my fzr 600 and have different insurance and different license??

just got a PM for Barro stating that i(you) can register the scoot and then he can change the details when I (you again :satisfied have the new bike!!!

22 more needed to stop m8 sending chavs around lol as long as u r regestered u can change the details later but we need the bods

Come on you guy’s get your registrations in.

The details can be changed later.

This is an update from Mikes Original Post…

All those that were on the list have been contacted via pm or phone by myself or Macp which I didnt know he was doing but A BIG Thank you anyway and I now have it that we have some that cant make it through personal reasons but saying that we now have a few New Names interested and the Forms to you have gone out in this Afternoons Post.

Raddobank have been contacted and its now confirmed we have 8 Riders attending from there and along with those that have told me they have Completed Forms to hand back at Borough Market this week have took the numbers to the total required as I have been in touch with The Powers that be and it has been agreed that the original numbers thought to have been needed was excessive.

It looks like we have Weathered the Storm and alls in order !!

Big Shout to You !!

See you Wednesday.

Glad the numbers are looking good Barro! But remmber everyone - the more them errier - and people will have to drop out - so keep up the registrations!

And for God’s sake - don’t worry bout the details changing. The original post made it clear you can change your license and insurraqnce details if you need to. My details have all changed in the last week, but I registered weeks ago and Barro will get the updates when I have all the paperwork.

in the post!!!

Well done peeps But more be needed just in case, Please don’t think well another bod will do it come on it will be a fun day

I just got Three cases of Red Bull and a Big Box of Pro + so if ya don’t I will come and bug ya wiv the Chav’s not a nice sight M9 totaly wired on Red Bull and Pro+

Announcing the Award for the Poshest Registration Return goes to …


This Geeza is so swarve with it I bet he,s flippin bed makes itself in the mornings !!

Inventory of whats in envelope !!..complimentary slips !!..

Style Guru !!

Cheers Mate !!

Thought I would return in the manner in which it was received.

Wheres my carrier pigeon then ??..

Barro! I will be down BMM tomoz but will not be hanging around - what time will you be there from and til?

If anybody misses Barro, you can leave your forms with me and I’ll get them to him.

6.30pm onward.

Cheers Sherrie.