Reg number

Would you give out the reg number to a vehicle you’re selling?

Could someone find your address from it?

I tend to hide it but now someone has asked me for it. I assume he wants to do the check it’s never been stolen/ crashed but wanted to be sure.

Despite being out of London, paranoia never leaves you

I did once when someone made an offer and wanted to arrange insurance when they came to do a final inspection and potentially buy it.

Yes. I believe it is possible if they claim you were in a traffic incident with them and they require your details.

personally I’ve always given the reg out in the pictures. Not sure if its a good idea, however I know when I buy a vehicle I like to run an mot history check before viewing so I know what I’m looking at. Could put off potential buyers. Need to weigh up pros and cons I guess.

If someone can give a valid reason for it then yep. I had a case where I needed to find out status for ULEZ as it was a bike that was 2007 but the model was produced before the intro of EURO 3 for bikes. The seller was fine with that as it was a decent reason. I’d do the same if selling (but I’ve actually never sold a vehicle, all been scrapped as EOL).

Yes but only if they had already expressed an interest. If someone just sends a message asking for it I’d be wary. If someone has already asked lots of questions I wouldn’t be so worried.

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Never really given it much thought from a selling side of things. Points made on not giving it out seem fair and valid

However, I’ve never bought a vehicle where I couldn’t see the reg in the pictures. Having had things nicked, I’m always dubious that it could be stolen if I can’t see the reg straight away. Of course I could do a pre purchase check but there’s always so many bikes/cars for sale it’s a quick way of filtering them down at an early stage.

I’ve always blanked out the reg, simply because it is very easy for some with a stolen vehicle to look through eBay or Autotrader for a matching bike (make, model, age, colour) to then clone the number plate.

I’ve had a vehicle before cloned, so I prefer to err of the side of caution.

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I think there are two risks:

  • Some scumbag learning your address and coming around nicking to order.
  • Cloning, as Kevsta suggests. Probably a less likely scenario if someone claiming to be an interested potential buyer contacts you. But then you have to think: if you were trying to find a clone identity for a bike, where would you start? By searching the classifieds.

We’ve been messaging each other and have tried to arrange a viewing date. When we found one (tomorrow) he asked me for it so I think it’s a fair request…

Might have to just bite the bullet or pretend I never saw it :joy:

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It’s pretty difficult to get the DVLA to just hand over your address. I wouldn’t worry about that. I would always ask for the plate to run a HPI check. I’d think the seller suspicious if they refused.


Yeah in the end I just gave it… It does feel like a lot of work to steal a bike you don’t know is in the place the DVLA says it is…