Reevu Helmets Launched - anyone gonna take them seriously?

Our mates at have become resellers of the Reevu helmet with the rear view mirror arrangement.

They’re gonna put a word in and see if we can get a review sample.

I’m curious if anyone would be interested in seeing it / reading about it. I’ll do the review anyway but I wonder whether they’ll be dismissed as gimmicky and ignored by the masses.

theres a guy on a blade with one that i see regularly… he still does shoulder checks so it cant be that good* :wink:

*especially in traffic dont see the point

They got some pics in that link above of what it looks like. Could you test in low winter sun (evenings M4 going out) please?

My mate had one , he said it made him feel dizzy when his vision moved from near , I.E looking at the periscope / mirror to normal road riding

Had it one day and then ebayed it !

I’m interested to hear your verdict of it, but I still wouldn’t buy one

Why though?

If it works and the design gets better, more people jump on the band wagon…would you then?

Defo something you’d have to test on the road. the sensation of mirrored view so close to the eyeline could be very distracting for some people.

Check out this mirror.
A friend of mine designed it and has a patent pend on it.

the mirror looks out on sale yet?

Not yet. He was making a few tweaks to it because some of the factory samples he got back wern’t how he wanted them.

He said he’ll send me the first perfect sample so I can make an exclusive video review of it on my YouTube channel.

i will be waiting

Put it on here when you do. Good on him that he is determined it will be cheap to buy too.

A good, simple idea. At £30 seems a bit steep for a small mirror.

A parabolic mirror which is angled optimally for maximum viewing coverage on a motorcycle. Lets not forget about the motorcycle mounts it comes with too.

I don’t like the idea of the reverse motion being in my peripheral vision

Are your bike mirros exactly the same? they should be!

What about in the car. All 3 mirros should be in your peripheral vision.

(not digging at ya, just curious)

I dont think it will work on a sports bike…

Either clip onto screen (no thanks) or sit over your clocks…(not good either)

Its like an extended blindspot mirror for your cars side mirrors.

I don’t understand why so many bikers are so hung up on what is going on behind them. On many rideouts I followed riders that spend more time looking behind them, so called “life savers” than looking at what they might crash into in front of them whilst looking behind.

If your standard mirrors are set correctly just use them more often! not only when you want to make a manouver and you can vertually elimnate the need to look behind you as you will be fully aware of what is happening behind/around you all of the time. worked for me over the 37 years I have been riding:)

In my opinion, anything that distracts a rider from looking ahead at 70+mph can’t be good:)

Indeed, but instead of having to look into 2 mirrors you only need to look at the 1.

The device has been on the news too.

But think of the dazzle you could get when some nob with HID headlights comes up behind, not only at night!
getting back to the original topic, I would be interested in results of a long term test.