Looking for legal advice. As in to be made redundant. Any lawyers here.

What sort of advice? I’ve just been made redundant, and I’d suggest ACAS or your union if you are a member.

Also might be worth a look is the uklegaladvice subreddit on

Thanks not with union, just need to get advice from a lawyer and get them to check out paper work… I will try on line. Thought if ask on here see if there is any who might like the business first. Thanks

Shit sorry to hear ya both got made redundant.

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I work in Hemel Hempstead welding. Been on furlough. But they just put a guy from kentish town yard in to do my job. And asking me to to take redundancy. Been told that’s illegal. If I accept they Will keep me on furlough till end of June if not I could be made redundant by end of the week.

Speak with ACAS immediately. They are a great impartial service, they will be able to give you some ground information.

Also have a read of:




+1 for ACAS

Redundancy has to follow a process. The guy from the Kentish Town Yard needs to satisfy the firms chosen redundancy criteria better than you do nothing necessarily illegal there but do consult with ACAS they’re the experts and their service is free.


Indeed redundancy isn’t about the individual, but the role… Your role should no longer exist for you to be made redundant, not that they found someone else

However I’m not a lawyer and there may be parameters that muddy the waters.

My only advice is to get any communication from your employer in writing, so they can’t wiggle out of them down the line and if you go to tribunal.

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Yes, its about the role not the employee and if you have two employees performing two roles that the company wants to combine into one role then one of the employees can be selected for redundancy or asked if they want to take redundancy because the role is to become redundant. That is all regardless of previous role, or location but the company will need to set out a redundancy criteria and give notice of that to all employees it is considering to select for redundancy. The selection criteria can more or less be whatever the company wants it to be such as length of service, qualifications, previous employment record etc. The consultation process is there for the selected employees to challenge the criteria and their worth to the company. None of this applies if the company can no longer pay its wage bill or has gone in to Receivership.

+1 Get all communications in writing and if you haven’t already be told ask what the “Selection Critria” was.

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Whoops yes missed that point that guy was already and employee…

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Your not the only one mate Tough year so far.


If you get really stuck, let me know and I can put you in touch with an old school friend and colleague of mine who is a very qualified employment solicitor head of the employment department at a major law firm.


Thanks i will do. Appreciate that

I hope you get everything sorted to your satisfaction Choppernorgate. Doesn’t sound right to me.

I’m just hoping TfL have still got a few quid after everything gets back to normal so they can make me redundant.