Reducing vibes

Grip Puppies;
Work well, ain’t pretty but come off if you hate them and they are £14

Was very sceptical, but I reckon these have actually worked. No idea if they balance the wheel or not, but it feels smoother at speed somehow! £20
Tip 1 don’t bother with the appliactor, it’s a plastic tube and bottle. You probably have a bit of tube in the shed, and a drinks bottle. If you don’t, then it’s only £3 more. PITA to fit this way, next time will defintely do at tyre change.
Tip 2 you will need a valve core tool, they sell them on the site, though not new cores for some reason…

I am not at all sure about self balancing in bike tyres.

I once tried puncture proof gunk in both tyres on an R6.
The sales pitch said that was self balancing with similar
pseudo science explaining how centripetal force caused
a smoothing effect, etc.

I got serious vibration when tipping into corners at speed.
It was so bad when changing direction it felt like the wheels
were not fully in touch with the road. That was at 120+ mph
on Verandah bends a time when you need max possible grip.

I’ll never risk self balancing stuff in my bike tyres again.

Tried the Grip Puppies made the bars to thick for my little hands causing more pain than the vibrations were. :slight_smile:

sounds awful.
well none of that with the beads, just a smoother feel.