Redhill and suroundings...

I am in a process of moving to Redhill and buying a house there as it seems to be well connected, easy to commute, and half way between London and the coast where I spend most my weekends.

However, I have just discovered that there is a landfill site, right bang in the middle of Redhill and I have just read a few unpleasant news articles about smell issues on odd occasions. Now, all the usual searches haven’t mentioned it and neither did my solicitors or the HomeBuyer report, but it’s fair to say that the issue can affect not just Redhill, but Reigate, Merstham and few other small villages in the area which would mean that if we choose against it, I am not only going to be looking for another house, but will have to reconsider the area all together.

I have actually been to Redhill quite a few times over the years including several visits over the last few months when viewing the houses and we have not noticed any odour as such. After living in the big smoke for years, going to Redhill or Surrey in general feels so much better anyway.

The house we are buying is not far from the landfill site, but it is located in the woods surrounded by trees which are supposed to keep the air fresh and noise out. In fact it is so lovely that besides this glitch, everything else seems perfect - the location, connections, greenery, schools etc. I know it is not classy, but definitely an upgrade from East London. The area seems very popular with very few houses for sale which means people do not try to escape it.

So does anyone of you live or used to live in this area and could give me their honest opinion on how bad it is and whether it’s worth the risk given all other benefits. Also any tips and general opinion on Redhill would be much appreciated.

A colleague of mine mentioned something about it earlier in the year being ‘upgraded’ to combat the smell… :frowning:

It was in the news very recently:

I was working for a customer in Dorking a while back and one of the people there were in the process of moving away from Redhill because of the smell (they were renting not buying so the move wasn’t hard). But, it sounded like they lived quite close to it – maybe it will be OK where you are?


So no one from Redhill / Reigate / Merstham and thereabout? :slight_smile: