Redcorn Motorcycle Removals Spotted

These guys looked legit.
It was a white van and it had a special motorcycle lift on the back with amber lights on the top.

Two white males wearing hi vis jackets.
They had a nose at a few of the bikes in the bay.

They looked at my bike too which had a 12/10 invalid tax disc! I did have a brown underwear moment, but they left :unsure:.
I quickly ran down to my bike and parked it down some private ally.

Later a spoke to my mate who told me that you get a grace period of the 5 working days after the month your disc becomes invalid. I’m soo lucky.

Anyway I’m gonna make sure I sort that disc ASAP. The DVLA never sent me a reminder. :confused:

Do a search on LB. They pop up every few months.

Not a company with the best rep.

Indeed I have read a few posts in the past.
Two unsavoury looking guys driving around (no doubt unsupervised) with a van fitted with special motorcycle lifting device.
Anything but good.

Redcorn are merciless bastards. I’m absolutely sure they get the latest info from DVLA then go straight round to the driver’s neighbourhood to find the vehicle. I regret to say I had a car lifted by them (I’d lost the insurance cert and didn’t get the duplicate in time!) even though it was parked three streets away and on the other side of a main road.