Red meets the Road

Damnit, off out this morning to wash the CB1000R - shes covered in salt from a long motorway ride yesterday. Its been running funny for a few days, stalling then misfiring for a second before catching again.

This morning she stalled leaving a junction, I restarted and gave a little throttle the engine wasnt running correctly, felt like it was firing on one cylinder. Traffic was approaching and then all of a sudden the engine fired up, max torque through the cold rear tyre and of course the back end went out and I went down on the RHS.

  • Bar end scuffed and pushed in jamming throttle open
  • R&G bungs did thier trick both engine slider and bung ground down but tank and engine casing did not touch down :slight_smile:
  • RHS footpeg broken off
  • Brake levers (both) broken
  • Rear RHS passenger footpeg scuffed
  • rear plastics scuffed
  • RHS mirror scuffed
  • rear RHS indicator broken off
  • Exhaust cover, all 3 parts scuffed badly

I’m not sure why its been stalling/misfiring I put it down to the cold. I wasnt expecting it to be bad enough for this to happen, and for it to throw me off as a result. Live and learn I guess as you say at least its only my bike and my pride thats hurt :slight_smile: (and my no claims)

Ive been pondering what I did wrong and how I could have prevented it. Its simply a matter of mistimed clutch control I think but it all happened so quickly there were too many things happening at once with the misfire and trying to regain the engine in the midst of a dual carriageway. meh. But what would have completely prevented it is if I warmed the bike engine up at a standstill before moving off. If thats a lesson for anyone else then the insurance claim hastle will be worth it.

1300 quids worth of damage incl labour plus a new pair of rukka coredura trousers with a big hole in the arse.

sucks mate i had a similar thing happen the other day and it died as i was pulling away from the light at the end of my road. wouldn’t start but it was still ticking over. gave it a bit of juice and it fired up again and was fine for the rest of the jourmey…sorry about your off…must be the weather…:wink:

sorry to hear that bud, when was the last proper service

Sorry to hear this.
Pleased you arent hurt though

Feel sorry for ya fella.

Ooops…Sorry to hear about that.

Could you not repair yourself (have a look for parts on ebay) and save the no claims, as you’ll be punished by more than £1300 in the long run.

Anyway, hope you get it sorted either way.

Damn, bad luck. Sounds like a warranty job to me? Defective equipment?

I was thinking that. It’s not right for an almost new machine to cut out like that.

You think so? I will ask Honda to check the engine out when they quote for the work. I just assumed it was cold air and cold engine, but could be something more serious. meh.

Thanks for the kind words, the bike will be fixed soon enough.

bad luck bud!

lest you ok :slight_smile:

Absolutely no way is that normal for a new bike. I presume it’s fuel-injected? If it happened to me, I would immediately assume it was defective and get the manufacturer to resolve it. The fact you’ve had an accident with it should make it all the more serious for them and motivate them to sort it out. Endangering a customers life with defective equipment is not something Honda would like to have associated with them.

Jay’s got a good point.

I’d check round on some CB1000R forums and see if anyone else has been having similar problems. If they have then you can mention it when you speak to Honda about the cutting out problem. They should take more notice if it’s a fault that a few people have encountered rather than an isolated fault that’s only affected one person.

Oh mate, a £1300 ouch! I’m with Jay, there is absolutely no way cold air on a cold day should cause any of that – complain bitterly to your Honda dealership as something is not right with your bike.

I have spoken to Honda this morning - they have been ok about it so far. Bloke on the phone said sorry to hear that blah blah. He aknowledged the engine issue - said it may be fuel related. I explained I have put about 5 tanks through the bike in the last 48 hours before the accident and always use good fuel (no supermarket rubbish). Plus its been like this for a week or so.

Anyway Honda assist will collect the wreckage and ship it to Chiswick they intend to review the engine issue and quote for the cost of the repairs. Then its just a case of waiting for the ins. co to pull thier finger out their arse. I’m with Norwich Union, will report on progress.

I’m counting my blessings today it could have been worse. I’m most worried about the throttle sticking open when the bar end hit the ground. The tilt sensor cut the engine but still, the bike flipped about a bit and the rear tyre is quite scuffed. If it had been at speed lord knows where the bike would have ended up.


Sorry to hear of your off and good luck with Chiswick Honda…

Sorry to hear about your off mate, and the bill!

Good to see Honda being good about it, but quite rightly they should be…

When I had problems with the Throttle Position Sensor on my R1 (a known fault), I wrote a letter to the managing director of Yamaha UK to make official my displeasure at how Metropolis had failed to rectify the fault and had charged me for work that should have been free and covered by warranty.

This was then taken up by Yamaha whilst I went to another repair centre to fix the original problem which Metropolis had only succeeded in making worse.

Yamaha refunded me what I paid Metropolis and they paid the Yamaha Service Centre to rectify the fault.

It’s a different situation to yours, but I would be looking to escalate this issue to an official level with Honda UK, and I wouldn’t just resign myself to getting the insurance to cover the damage caused by a faulty bike, as they’ll then shaft me for for the next four years for something that wasn’t even my fault.

Your choice.

Taken it to honda, they said it could be iced connectors, poor fuel, problem with the FI (But no FI light), problem with choke cycle, flooding possibly. They are throwing it on the machine tommorow to see if the computer says “no”…

The engine stall/splutter problem was recreated at the garage tho which is useful…

Parts and labour 50 sheets over a grand, plus the rukka’s that 1500 quid in total.

I’ll have to see what honda say - they have been pretty cool at Chiswick today and helpful by looking at the bike so quickly. I’m hoping I wont have to use the insurance - one way or the other - as I’ll just get shafted next year and for lord knows how long after… we’ll see

Does anyone know if I buy the parts from honda and fit them myself if it will affect the honda warrenty?

If you fit the parts yourself it will affect your warranty unless your a registered honda fitter.

Thanks Grimm. Bugger.

Honda still have my bike. I’m having to make do with the missus’ Transalp atm. Yeowch.

They have quoted, the bill is over 1200 quid in total, not including my rukka textiles :frowning:

They havent sourced the engine problem, because apparently, they dont have the software for the CB’s engine installed in their test rig yet so I am just waiting for them to recieve it from honda. I recreated the missfire problem in their forecourt to show the service bloke however and he frowned first then tried to rev through it. It was still popping and not running right. This may or may not be good news.

I have had to put the insurance company on hold untill I know if a fault with the bike caused it in which case I’m hoping honda will sort me out.

This may drag on and on and on…