Red Dead Redemption

anyone on it yet?

Started it yesterday, its pretty much GTA in the wild west (I know its a Rockstar game) I’m only 2-3 hours in to it, but I guess I was expecting it to be a little different. Still, I do like it. :smiley:

I haven’t got it yet, but am considering it as an alternative to MW2 for online gaming. Haven’t properly tried out GTA4 yet, although it seems just as limited - no much besides a couple of object/team based games and lots of people running around being stupid.

What did you find ‘different’ about it? Sounds like you’re not 100% keen on it.

The idea of an LB posse could be a laugh.

An LB posse would be hilarious, not done any online gaming tho’. There is scaffolding up at the minute and its knackered my wireless.

You’re right, I’m not 100% sold on it.

The only real difference was that it was in the wild west, the pursuit of cash is a bit of a pain, skinning coyotes and other such wild west roaming animals, and looting dead enemies is quite time consuming. Also, you seem to be bombarded with a shed load of information about actions being measured - like a karma meter, how you behave reflects on how you are treated by towns people etc. That said, saving prostitutes from knife wielding drunks is fun - the aim option can be tedious, but makes things interesting. And like I said I’m only about 4 hours in - so hopefully it’ll hot up.

Tel xbox or ps3?


Ah im on xbox but thatll change in afew weeks

have played for about 8hrs or so
s’good fun but i think the reviews have over-hyped it a little
its about time rockstar improved the property owning side of things

I really need a new game at the moment, overplayed all of my current ones. Thought about this but not sure I like the idea of ANOTHER GTA, even if they have renamed it =P
If it is worth it even after playing every other one then I might consider it? Otherwise I’ll be on the hunt for something else =)

I generally only play multiplayer games, usually I bore of single player (I only have an Xbox for Madden 10 and a PS3 to stream media) but I thought I’d give RDR a go (on Xbox) and I’m actually really enjoying it. The storyline is pretty good and it’s very nicely presented. Being an ace gunslinger is kinda cool too :slight_smile:

AndyCr15 on Xbox Live if anyone wants to add.