Red / Black Gixer 1000 K6 STOLEN Rayners Lane

A mate of mine who lives up the road had he’s Gixer stolen on thursday night at about 10.30pm
he was sitting indoors when he heard he’s alarm go off so he ran outside with he’s bat and saw 4 men throwing he’s pride and joy in the back of there white swb ford transit 56 - 58 plate it has a dent in the rear left panel above the rear wheel about head height where he hit it as they drove off

The Reg of the bike is DX06 OMO
had chrome stator cover, chrome chain guard and tri oval yoshi exhaust

Anyone spot this bike let me know

Thanks Dan

Hello people I am the poor sod who had this gixxer stolen any info or a head on a plate would make me very happy

post a couple of pics of your bike as from your sig it looks fairly unique

Here are a couple of other pics but probarly wont ever be seen like this again R.I.P baby


gutting :frowning: dont give up hope just yet, some of these guys are so stupid they will ride it round in broad daylight in the town it was knicked in (how I got mine back after two days)

dont know how they will ride it doe unless they have a death wish lol

has the bike been recovered yet? i live in harrow so i can keep an eye out