Red 02 RSV Mille rhs road fairings or London painter suggestions

anyone have any Mille plastics they want to sell or reccomend any painters in or around London?

Perhaps GanjamanUSS can help out, he’s the resident Aprillia man.

Do the ones you have just need spraying? I have a man thats very good at spraying and repairs if light. Just let me know exact requirements and I can see what he says.

no cracks, just a light sanding to smooth them out then spraying red (think the colour is a Nissan one) to match the rest of the fairing… I’ll source the decals later on.

If your mate could help me out, that would be fantastic

…and I spoke to Freddie and he said he could order some replacements but he’d want an arm and most of one leg

lol :stuck_out_tongue:

soweeeeeeeeeee if anything comes up though I’ll let you know