Recommended Used Bikes Dealers - London

Hi Guys !

Im looking for a new bike as mine got stolen. Having in mind the temperature outside I prefer to get is locally. All good deals on eBay seem to be 150+ miles away and on gumtree there is nothing. Im looking for an older Hornet / Bandit on the cheap side. Can you recommend any used bikes dealers in London ? The big ones seem to put unrealistic prices so probably some smaller shops ?
Any suggestions are welcomed !

Thanks in advance!

a price range to work from would be better to know

edited from previous post, sold.

Initially it was in the £800-£1200 bracket.
I was however ready to pay £1650 for a 2006 Bandit 650 with new tyres, sprockets, chain etc etc that was on ebay this weekend. Counldn`t win the auction though and it ended on £1700 :frowning:

I`ve seen average Bandits 600 for as low as £800 and decent ones(even 1200cc) for £1200-£1300 so this would be my guide.

I also missed a really clean 1999 Bandit 600 on on ebay for £1150 while waiting for the 650 one to end :frowning: Last four years it had done like 700 miles and thats according to the previous MOT`s). New tyres, garaged, 2 owners the current one aged 50. :slight_smile: I know it sounds too good but I still hope that I can find that sort of a deal :slight_smile:

£2000 :wink:
Gsxr motor :wink:

Shhhhhhhh… don’t show him that! I want it!!! :smiley: