Recommended - SBK in E1 2LR

Great service and very friendly owner. He’s rebuilding my massively battered 09 R1 and to date the work he’s carried out looks brilliant. Very happy with his consistent response to my questions about how the work is coming along and I know he’ll have it looking like new in no time.

I would recommend Ralph at SBK in East London to anyone as he inspires confidence in bike repair and modifications whether you are getting a bike ready for a race, needing a complete overhaul as with me, or just want a little bit of work doing.

He even came and picked the bike up as it wasn’t able to be ridden - what dealer would do that for you?

Details are:

Ralph Lo Turco
SBK City Servicing
15 Hessel Street
E1 2LR

0207 480 5775
07782 382248


Rhalf’s a good guy, he’s sorted my less than reliable R1 out on more than more occassion. open all weekend too which is massively helpful