Recommended paddock stands

I am looking to purchase a paddock stand to make cleaning and maintenance of my RR a little easier. I have R&G cotton reels fitted and was wondering if anyone could recommend a brand/retailer to look at (or to avoid) ?

Is a front stand also work considering or is that a little o.t.t ?

it’s a bit dearer but I’d reccomend an ABBA stand all day long as you can have both wheels off at the same time with the aid of a small jack:)

We’ve got a Micron rear paddock stand (which is universal via swingarm pads) and the conversion kit to make it work with cotton reels. Works a treat on our CBR600R:

Yep second the ABBA stand suggestion if you can do it.

Otherwise they are generally much of a muchness although the Micron’s are usefully adjustable