recommendations on routes in Ireland

Im off to Galway in a few weeks for a week and im getting to ferry to Dun Laoghire, anyone have any suggestions for routes to the west coast?

Any help would be great, :slight_smile:

PM BlueLagos, he did a tour of Ireland a couple of years ago:)

oh fab, thanks!

not long to go, 3 days and im off!, weather looks like holding, bike is all ready!:slight_smile:

There’s a cracking pub (can’t remember the name) on the Crumlin road well worth a visit. :slight_smile:

whereabouts is this in terms of villages?

Google Crumlin road you should get a better idea, it’s a lovely place and very welcoming :slight_smile:

lol oh so helpful…

look for the road from cork to molls gap , the road out to the blaskets is good but watch out for the surfaces changes , , and then road leading up to galway from molls gap is great too …done ireland twice now … round the coast and then central southern and still want to go back and do more

Found an amazing road yesterday, the R759 through Sally Gap if you get the chance on the way back.

The R300 from Clonbur is pretty good if its not chucking it down :smiley: