Recommendations: London-Oxford?

I know it’s not a very exciting route, but I am incredibly bored of taking the motorway to Oxford. I don’t mind a slower route, I just need to find a more interesting one. Any suggestions?


Lots of people on here will have much better routes to tell you about, but just following the A40 is more interesting than the M40

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Thanks for the tip, Trisckie. The A40 sounds like a good bet. And once I get some pics of the new (to me) bike, I’ll post them over in the Newbie forum.

What part of Oxford do you ride to/from…

A40 from Stokenchurch to Milton Common is very good, B480 is good but can be busy. B482 is a favourite of mine. A329 is good in parts.

I second following A40…

Take the A41 or A413 up to Aylesbury, then the A418. Oxford is signposted from Aylesbury. Much better than the A40. It’ll round your tyres off too.

here’s a route I looked up once. Have done it in parts and never in one go, but these are my favourite roads to oxford.

I would second that route if it is a nicer , more interesting , route you are looking for . My old stomping ground and some good roads on that route . Wil take quite a bit longer tho’

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On your advice, I’ve now taken the A40 a few times and it really is beautiful. And not much slower than the motorway to be honest – time flies when you’re having fun. Thanks!