Recommendations for winter gloves?

Think I got fooking frost bite :frowning:

you need muffs big boy, and heated grips. :slight_smile:

Got:heated grips, but my right thumb seems to miss out…been home 2 hours and it is still in pain. Amputation might be occuring shortly :frowning:

Got:heated grips, but my right thumb seems to miss out....been home 2 hours and it is still in pain. Amputation might be occuring shortly :-( bluelagos
You'll still have nine left 👍

How did you know hes from Norfolk …

^^ Hahaha


I use Oxford electrically heated gloves. Even so, I wouldn’t ride in weather like this by choice.


Best thing I had on my bike in the winter

I didn’t want wiring in the bike, and I didn’t want muffs (Fireblade). So I bought the RST heated gloves, which are battery powered. I keep raving about them but they really are seriously good. I commute 28 miles, and never get cold hands anymore.

Benedict - How long does the battery last? Is it rechargeable through a normal plug? How long to recharge?


About four hours
A couple of my mates have them as they didn’t want to wire up there bikes
They also brought spare batteries for them
I am tempted by them as they don’t seem as thick as other heated gloves
They fit well on my bad hand and give good feel back

That’s right Wise. About 4 hours on a lower setting.
The batteries charge through one double-lead charger that plugs straight into a regular plug socket.
They are thin enough that you can still feel the bike through them, but I can confirm they are also totally waterproof. I’ve so far ridden pretty much every day and not had cold hands once.

Thx.  ANy recommendations of where to buy them?   Online or in person…

Got a helmet city near you. They’re normally good at discount ing if you collect

I bought mine online. Tired to buy them at the NEC but every sing,e RST supplier there have me the same answer: “oh we only brought a few sets and they’ve sold… We probably should have brought more with us…”
No shit Sherlock. Didn’t suspect that bikers in UK in winter might want heated gloves.
Luckily they had the entire summer range. In all sizes.

Sensible bikers will buy at discount price in Spring. Should be placing orders for summer stuff now. Unbelievable how much you can save buying gear off season.

Well said Desmond, we`ve got a really good deal on our summer riding shorts and flipflops.

Are there any bikeshows coming up soon?

I got some RST Thermotech ones as well - only last week in-fact - J&S stock them in various branches - it’s worth going in store to try them on for size. They come with a 1 year warranty too (which is good as the batteries have been known to fail).

I’ve not tested waterproofness (I’ve heard mixed reviews in that area). So far I’ve not needed the heating element on - they are warmer than my previous gloves without it - but playing around with them at home, you can certainly feel the heat when you switch them on! :slight_smile: