Recommendations for travel insurance


I am riding around France for 3 days next month and want to get some travel insurance. Can anyone recommend a good policy that covers motorcycling that is also good value for money. I only want single trip cover to keep the cost down,


The Post Office do it, I took out a 3 day policy for £7 last month for my trip. Pay online or over the counter, if you do it over the counter you get all the info, they staple your payment recp to the booklet and that is your policy, no waiting for paperwork.

It covers all the normal stuff except skiing… theres a list of exemptions but bikes is not on it. dont know if they cover motorcycling though.

try these never had to use them but they do sigle trips

Scarer How the hell are you???

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how’s things going???

PS - check your credit card or cheque accounts as they normally have travel insurance chucked in.

also the alliance and leicester new bank account - you get it for free too!!!

Used to get my Travel Insurance through work, have a search on the Gateway / Procurement site

I’m very well thank you!

I’ve just opened a new account with the alliance & leicester so I will check that out, thanks

Ah…good 'ol Gateway.

I’ll check that out too!