Recommendations for paint job?

I’m looking for someone to redo the decals in my STR - they’re currently gold and I want, well, something else. :wink:


dont know about str but i know you can find loads of decals online…

ps no paintjob needed :wink:

Ta very much. Doesn’t look like anyone does the STR but I have found some places that do custom jobs so that could do it. I’m already having nightmares at the thought of the actual process of replacing them though!:smiley:

I usually get mine made up at peach design in Beckenham. I think its about £40 for 1mx50cms. Just give em your artwork on a disk, usually takes about week.

Thanks for that. I’ll drop them a line.

If you need any help mocking some up give me a shout.

I just want to replace what I already have, just in a different colour.

However, they’re lacquered in (matt lacquer) so would need someone to do that as well.

Any ideas?

Sounds like you’ll need a re-spray if they are under the lacquer.

Yep. Just got to find someone now. Someone good.

PPG on here had some guy paint her bike - looked pretty decent from the photographs.

Boys Toys in Essex.
Speak to Don

Unit 14D, Lychgate Farm Industrial Estate
Arterial Road

Tel: 01268 771355

He did my cowl a few weeks back, nice job. :slight_smile:


Yep give Steve a call at Raptor - he’s done my bike recently and pretty pleased with what’s been done so far. I’ll be heading over to him on the 27th to drop the bike off for him to finish it up so more than welcome to follow me up there.

maybe ricky can help you or know someone