Recommendations for heated clothing please

As the summer dwindles away over the next month or two, I need to buy some heated clothing for my 50 mile commute to london in the colder weather.

Has anyone got any recommendations for good quality heated waistcoats, trousers and gloves?


I wore Klan (by Giali) heated inners last winter. They did the job. Reason I went for inners - you can then buy the gloves you want to fit over them. Just get a bigger size than you would normally wear. At £60 it’s cheaper than heated gloves, more efficient than heated grips and you can simply change your outer gloves when they wear out.

Downside - the faff of putting them on, anything velcro on your jacket/gloves can snag them too.

But man, they did the job and I will be wearing them this year too.

Unless you’ve got really crap blood circulation I think you’ll find that just a heated waistcoat wil be sufficient for a 50 mile trip as it’ll keep your core temp up.


Have you used the Calamander waistcoat Pat?

That’s what living down south has done for me! Turned me into a southern poofter haha

Still drink pints though!

I dont use heated kit. I have found that a combination of oxford Muffs, making sure all the drafts are sealed up on jackets, gloves…etc AND putting you kit on in the house about 10 mins before you go outside usually does the trick…

No, but I’ve known a few people who have dealt with Calamander & all have been more than happy with the kit & service.

I have got a Spada textile jacket that came with a heated liner & do find that if I keep my torso nice & warm my toes & fingers stay that way too without any extra heating.

From what I understand the Giali stuff is good as well & I think their liner comes with built in sockets to plug heated gloves into, so you only need the one plug-in connection from the bike.

I’d suggest you go with the Jacket liner first & see how it works for you, if you find your hands still getting cold, you can always order a set of gloves later, rather than splash out on a full set of heated kit when you may not need it all.

The Giali stuff is usually on sale at the bike show, if you’re planning on going.

Cool, thank you

Having done several 100mi trips from London in foul weather I can say from my perspective the only thing I worried about, even in freezing rain, was my hands. My body took care of itself - a fleece + windproof is enough. But my hands… without the gloves I stopped at every service station just to warm my hands on the engine. With the gloves I could go the whole distance without stopping. I toured in France back in March - heated gloves were great (pain when the plug pops out mind you). Even though I had to put up with trinoo b!tching about the time it took to put them on. At least I was warm…

Obviously, everyone is different but a wasitcoat + gloves combo would be ideal.

yes I think you’re right. I remember doing the journey several times early on this year, feb/ march, and I got really cold after about 40 mins. Heated grips helped but my fingertips still got cold. I just remember the chill around the waist area and back and I think a waistcoat is really going to sort that out.

I travel a lot at night and of course it gets REALLY cold then, and I don’t think I can handle the thought of doing the journey everyday without some sort of heat this winter!

Gerbing ( do heated gloves. I’ve not used them but others swear by them. Their stuff cascades together too (waistcoat + gloves etc.).

Some companies do Li-Ion battery powered wasitcoats.

My Klan gloves are fused and wired to the battery via a power outlet.