Recommendations for Draggin Jeans alterations?


Looking to get my girlfriends draggin jeans altered so that they taper rather than look like bell-bottoms.

Can I take to any alterations place or does the stitching require more sophisticated methods. If so can anyone point me in the right direction (london based)


Contact Draggin directly and ask them if they can be altered but it it probably shouldn’t be an issue- most tailors can deal with it.
Main thing I would be concerned about would be the strength of the stitching- would need to be strong enough so that it doesn’t come apart more easily if she has a crash.

cool, cheers hog. Cant see any mention of kevlar? Do they have it?

I edited my post, I misread the title.

Bull-it are covec not kevlar- it is approximately similar.

Go to the LB page on Facebook and contact WASP… she is a leather / stitching master and a biker so understands the correct materials to use.

hadn’t heard of the Covec stuff so thanks for that!

Thanks Imortal. Already sent Sam a message but hadn’t heard back so looking for other options in case.

No worries.

The issue is kevlar is a trademark of Dupont.
Only Draggin jeans have the right to use the name (I think).
Recently Dupont have been more litigious about the use of kevlar as a generic term for ‘synthetic protective stuff’ put into motorcycle clothing.
Expect to see the word use a lot less over the next few years.

I couldn’t tell you which is better out of Covec or Kevlar/Aramid from a technical standpoint.
Both companies have a vested interest in making their product look better- I haven’t seen any independent testing of them to compare them.

As said, the stitching will be critical, be sure that whoever does the alterations understands they are protective motorcycle jeans and that the stitching/thread needs to be done to a certain standard.

The ‘bell bottom look’ arises out of the design for them to fit over motorcycle boots, make sure they’ll still cover her boots.

WASP, a member on here and, would be my first call. She’ll do a proper job, as good as made to measure and while you wait.

By preference your trouser legs should be inside your boots any ways so the flappy bit can’t get caught on pegs, levers etc, when you put your foot down (or not if your jeans get caught).

I saw “kevlar” jeans abrasion tested- impressive but as above, if the seams split on impact they won’t be between you & the road.

Call the fashion Police

Trouser legs outside boots all day long, keeps the water where it should be too.

Never had an issue with jeans catching on pegs, levers etc and that includes more than my fair share of spills and thrills riding in the 1970’s in 4" platform boots and 16" flairs, that’s 16" across or 32" round if you prefer. Just had to exercise a little caution on the kick start :wink:

haha I have definitely caught jeans on pegs putting a foot down

this is however a purely aesthetic question. We’re riding to italy in the summer and she’ll be in the jeans a lot. Understandably she wants to look as discernibly female as she can despite the gear :wink:

good to know on the kevlar side of things. i’m not too fussed about absolute relative performance as long as they do a reasonable job - at the end of the day the abrasion stuff is nice to have but if you have an off its the impacts that are of greater concern anyway.

You sure you want the fashion police called, Art?

If you can’t contact Wasp, then there’s Nine Lives in Farnborough:

I’ve used them a few times over the years for leathers & goretex alterations/repairs & they’ve always been most excellent.

buy her a pink jacket for Italy :stuck_out_tongue:

They’ll be hot for Italy in summer, vented leathers more suitable. Plus waterproofs whatever you wear - their rain’s worse than ours

or just ride faster to keep cool? :wink: