Recommendations for CBT school near Ace cafe

Got a friend who needs to do CBT soon. Of the school’s she called some seem unprofessional and others charging extortionate rates.

Any recommendations please?

Already sorted out now.

Thanks anyway.

What was the choice?

Currently under covid 19 regulations only key workers can
A. Take a CBT
B. Train for and take their bike test

Wow I didn’t realise that… I see one school near me (out of London) always out. Maybe there’s loads of key workers around

Any schools teaching or doing cbt for any one but key workers will be shut down by the dvsa enforcement team.
I have had all the updates from dvsa and a long chat with my emergency bike examiner who has agreed to do tests for key workers during covid 19 lock down.

A simple follow up on returns will be all they need

Remember Pizza delivery drivers potentially classify as key workers

As a frequent consumer of pizzas, I have no objections to this :joy:

But yeah, I can imagine that in London but here everyone delivers in cars

I think it is called Universal and is a short distance from the Ace Cafe.

I did my CBT with them about 7 years ago. Can’t say I liked them. The instructor seemed to berate anyone with a car licence all day.

Howdy Nick,

It served the purpose to get my friend her CBT urgently. I’ll be after recommendations for direct access when she has more experience.

Pizza delivery drivers/riders are not key workers , I cannot do cbts for them nor can any one else under the dvsa covid emergency regulations.