Recommend someone to core exhaust cans & dynojet

is there somewhere in London or Kent anykne can recommend coring a set of exhausts?

stock exhaust pipes

I had a set of akrapovics optimised via dyno. Now with the stocks I.m losing power with a flicker of neutral at 100mph with a pulling foce which is unnerving. Happens evey few minutes and cuts out too.

The ECU mapping must be all screwed for the different exhausts. I didn.t think about this problem but that would explain the erratic behaviour?

Can.t cope with low power exhausts…they don.t feel right.

Whoever stole my right sided Akrapovic… a miserable little sh*t and you’ve gone and hurt my feelings. Worse…you’ve slowed me down and I.m starting to feel unhinged.

PS …anyone want to buy my left sided Akrapovic slip on :confused: