Recommend some sites.

Come on then guys. Recommend some sites theat you spend all your time on. (Apart from the great! ) Need some change of entertainment scenery.

Not that I spend loads of time on them, but they are very interesting places to be


Not on it all the time, but it certainly whiles away five minutes

I just noticed I spend to much time on here, anyway: (Just found this site)

Ok guys, now here’s the deal.

I’m not entirely happy with you lot posting links to other motorbike forums on ours. Think about it for a minute and you’ll see what I mean.

It’s good in some ways as you must feel ‘at home’ here, but we don’t want you giving people reasons to go elsewhere geddit?

So can y’all remove the links to them otherwise we will, and keep yer other (and naturally inferior ) forums to yourselves.

Ta muchly. (diamond geeza and a true loyal friend)

freedom of speach?

Very few things in life are actually free and this will become another silly argument LB does not need so lets all play nice this time plz

Freedom with a Credit Card…a Dirty Bird and a Late Night Bar !!!

Trust you…

wernt far wrong though eh !

my 3 favourite sites: - cheap dvd’s tax free yum yum cool deals on bike bits

Thanks guys, much appreciated. … ah that’s here ain’t it… yup spend too much time here