Recommend some budget gloves?

It’s getting a bit nippy out there, and my gloves have got some holes appearing in the stitching between the fingers.
Lots of gloves about in the 20 to 40 quid range, but can anyone recommend some?
Protection is obviously important, but it’s followed closely by warmth!

Try Spada - usually available at Infinity.

Endorse Spada, particularly the Enforcer WP.

I’ve a six/seven year old pair as summer gloves (the insulation has crushed down) and a newish pair as winter gloves. Neither pair has leaked enough to notice.

I bought them very Spada’s today from Infinity in Holborn. £59.99. And a balacava. For robbing houses though, not to keep my neck and head warm.

Do they keep your hands toasty though?

i’ve got my richa from 2 years now and still going strong. knuckle protection and dont get wet that quickly.

also ebay is your best friend as you can get serious gloves for low prices. as long as you are 100% sure of your size that is.

previous to that i wore frank thomas, didnt do bad either bought 2 pairs before they discontinued them and they were reasonably cheap even as new.

you may feel the draft a bit more now that you’re riding a naked one though :smiley:

scorch The quick answer is “Yes they do keep my hands warm” but, like all gloves, there comes a point where your circulation just can’t keep up with replacing the lost heat. That’s not a reflection on the gloves, it’s just the limit of design for the human body.

Keeping your core temperature up is a bit of an answer but so is keeping the wind blast off your hands. Eventually you will need heated grips or gloves. Or need to stop to recover.

I managed Brighton to Clackets Lane services on the M25 in the rain with snow in it last year before I needed to stop. That was about an hour (and a quarter?) due to the visor icing up but I was wearing the summer gloves. What a dick head!

I’ll chime in with my usual, “get some muffs” remark. Back in the old days when I used to ride to work I had a decent set of winter gloves but below certain temperatures my hands still hurt as they started to freeze up. After muffs there is none of that because they keep the wind off. So there is no convection and your hands stay warm. If muffs are an option they are better than buying gloves so thick you can’t use the levers.

Today I was in summer gloves and didn’t feel too cold… the power of muff is extraordinary

marigolds… you get em in packs of three which is a fantastic deal I thought…

Tech 7 Otto’s

on a budget, buffalo gloves have been great for me

And that’s what I ended up with. Just tested them to the Ace and back, 45 minute round trip. My hands are cool but not cold. :smiley: