Recommend Me Some Trousers!

Can anyone recommend me some good waterprof trousers? I’m looking for something that will be good to use through autumn and winter, preferably something that is 100% waterproof which I won’t sweat to death in when it gets a little warm!

Any suggestions?

Personally I’d recommend a decent set of synthetic trousers Rusty (hein gerike have a really good selection) - I used to wear leather trousers but I’ve switched to synthetic so that I don’t have to don waterproof trousers whenever it rains - they tend to be pretty good in the wet - however if it’s really p1ssing down monsoon style then you’ll need a decent nylon one piece to stay dry (gerike do a good one for about £60).

Synthetic trousers score top marks for versatility and are supposed to be up to the job of saving your skin if you find yourself sliding down the road (touch wood this will not happen) :wink:

Richa do good stuff also. They have the removalbe inners once the weather gets warm again.

My advice is look for a pair of Goretex trousers with a removable thermal lining. Don’t waste your money on anything that doesn’t have a Gore-Tex membrane.

Really? I disagree. IMHO, goretex is good, but a lot of the time you don’t really need it. It’s not actually all that breathable, and it’s no more waterproof than non-breathable stuff, and you pay a fair premium for it.

I love my old Belstaff textile gear. Still going fine after 5 yrs constant use. Waterproof, but not goretex.

The first pair of water trouser I had from HG had a Sheltex membrane and it was terrible. If it was raining on the way to work I was warm and dry. However the return journey the water had migrated through the membrane resulting in a cold clammy ride home. My personal experience is Gore-Tex all the way.

Never had the chance to have a look at Belstaff stuff, heard it was very good. But by the time I had started riding it was no longer available.

I’m picking up some Wolf trousers at the weekend still to decide between Freestyle at £129 or Leather Textile at £169. I like the “jeans” style of them.

Both are waterproof and have a detachable thermal lining so it will be down to which ones I prefer the look of and if the leather textile are worth the extra £40

I’ve wore these Joe Rocket ones through lots of rain and stayed dry and warm. They were £100 new and I’m selling them now for £30, size 2xl :slight_smile:

Being a tight old f*rt, I got mine from Lidl for about £30 a few years back. Pretty much worn daily and still (almost) water tight in all but the worst for the first hour.

£30 ish and Gortex. (Worth having for the abrasion resistance if the worst happens)

Need to make a prat of yourself in store and try them on before buying. The sizing is quite random. Mine are XXL and I’m an M or L.

Problem. They only turn up when Lidl have a “motorcycling event”.

Goretex is abrasion resistant?

the ones to avoid,akito desert trousers, they are great until it rains. the detachable waterproof membrane leaks like a tea strainer. my first pair leaked badly at the first sign of rain they were replaced, (by j&s new malden) with a new pair that are just as bad which they are trying not to give me a refund on. will keep you all posted on that

Tested out the Wolf trousers on Sunday, went for the freestyle in the end, and they kept me warm and dry so would recommend them.

refunded in full, well done J&S

Waterproof leather jeans. The new next thing for 2009!!

Just saw a pair of Triumph waterproof leather jeans, that look great.