Recommend me a Yamaha service centre for my 1st service please

Hey am new to the yam side and have bought the 2010 r1. Im Pretty fussy when it comes to having my bike worked on and now i need to have its service books correctly stamped up to maintain the warranty. Can you please recommend me a good yamaha service centre in london that you have had good dealings with.


Dealer stamps are not required for warranty, Genuine parts need to be used though :slight_smile:

cheers for the info,either way i want dealer stamps so if anyone can recommend me it would be much appreciated. cheers

I bought an R1 just over a year ago and took that to Woodford M/C’s for serving. I have known these guys for about 20yrs from their previous place but never had work done with them since they took over at Woodford. They weren’t cheap, but they were very good value-for-money, cracking job! I’d have no probs recommending’em B-)

Woodford Motorcycles, 51 - 53 George Lane, South Woodford, London E18 1LN.
Tel: 020 8989 3157 Fax: 020 8989 9288

I’ve had my Fazer serviced at Infinity Clapham and it’s been fine. Not the cheapest but they are a Yamaha dealer so I guess that bumps the price.

I’ve always been very happy with George White in Shorditch for servicing my XT.