Recommend me a tail pack

Any recommendations for a tailpack to fit an 09CBR600RR. It will need to carry waterproofs, walet, keys and phone. You know the usual jazz. Are some waterproof or come with waterproof covers?

I don’t fancy a tank bag as that would obscure the satnav.

Having just purchased Kriega US-20 and US-10 for my ZX10R, I can thoroughly recommend them. They are 100% waterproof and serious 10 year warrantly. However, they are pricey but you get what you pay for…

Worth looking at least:


I can’t imagine that there’s any better tailpacks than the Kriega ones. I use a US-20 and 2 US-10’s which have loads of room. I’ve had them about 3 or 4 years and never had any problems with them at all.

If I am not carrying much, I use my Kriega.
For the trip I had an oxford tailpack that I got for really cheap at a show…about £15
Both attach easily to the seat

+2 Use the Kriega US10 for basic stuff and its waterproof - which has to be a bonus :slight_smile:

Yep, buy once and buy Kriega. Great quality, and if you have a 10 and 20 it has enough space for multi-day trips.

Just be wary that the top zipped pocket from the Kriega is not 100% waterproof… It will hold in a mild rain but not in a downpour…

Anything in the bag itself will be bone dry.

Can also recommend them :slight_smile:

Seems like the Keriga is a no brainer. Thanks for all the advice.

but if you got underseat exhausts then remember to tie it up on both sides or you will end up with a melted bag all over your exhaust.

Not that it happened to me…at all…ever… :wink: Stupid bag:rolleyes::laugh:

I personally use the Kriega US-10 and it has never let me down :smiley:

Kriega US20 for me… Awesome tail pack. Very easy to use, straps under my pillion seat, connect the fasteners to the bag, tighten and away you go.

go large or go home :stuck_out_tongue:

LoL :hehe: SuperSize me!

U naughty poofter!!!:stuck_out_tongue:

Another vote for Kriega - I have a 20 and two 10s.