Recommend me a Summer Jacket

I’m sick of getting home soaking wet with sweat.

Anyone got any good recomendations?

Dainese lightweight textile jackets are good - italian style and cut and well made. Had mine for years.

Like these?

Get a vented jacket
I got a Frank Thomas one… prob wouldnt want to crash in it but it fits well, its well ventilated and even has a waterproof overjacket in a pouch on the back
But…think the company went bust so not sure if you can still get one
The Dainese one is really good but I had a voucher for infinity at the time so just got the FT one really cheap

good that it fits well, is ventilated and has waterproof overjacket BUT I would generally buy on whether it would protect you in a crash first then get as many of the other features as you can afford

Infinity hangar lane had a few when i was there last week

I love how all these biker companies COMPLETELY miss their market…

All the blokes in the model shots look like effeminate muscle men…

Most the bikers I know are over-weight fat blokes whose faces look like steel workers crossed with car crashes and a little stubble thrown in for that George Michael unshaven sex appeal! :hehe:

Dainese do a mesh jacket that looks pretty good and sturdy… A friend of mine has it and it was fine when he came off at around 30mph… Not sure how it would fair at hight speeds :slight_smile:

The Dainese Airframe is nice:

As is The Dainese Racing textile:

I like the Dainese Converter too:

The Portland is nice:

They are pricey compared to cheaper stuff - but if mine is anything to go by it will last you years and because the designs are cool and they are nicely cut it will always look good.

Is that why they wear full face lids and dark visors - to hide their ugly mugs? :stuck_out_tongue:

I wouldnt use it for rideouts in the summer…I always try to wear leathers. Its for commuting and not getting fatigued in hot weather. It has armour in the right places so will be okay for a low speed off but I certainly wouldnt want to slide down the road in any textile jacket and definitely not a vented jacket, not even the Dainese one. But saying that I did wear a Dainese textile touring suit around Europe because its not practical to chose the safest option (eg a one piece race suit) everyday.

dainease zentex jacket, it looks the boolooxs and works well i ve got one and bargain for a free back protector worth a try

I have a Joe Rocket Phoenix 4 mesh jacket. And it is heavy for what it is. I replaced the armour with Forcefield inserts. It has a removable water proof liner.

Haven’t used it in a while, simply because I don’t commute on the bike any more. But it always did like in the summer into Victoria. No idea if they still make them.

Heard good things about rev’it gear this one looks pretty good , not bought one myself but I think i’ll have to treat myself to one if it’s going to get hot this summer, nothing worse than cooking in the traffice!!!


Hein Gericke Air jacket’s are a great bit of kit for full on summer, they also have the airstream range.

i use a HG Air2 jacket, served me well during courier days and when out on a ride in warm humid weather, you can close the vents on the air2 as well wich i find usefull!

some also have a handy zip in liner to cover vents should you be out when the sun goes down and it gets a bit chilly;)

In France a few years back alot of guys seemed to be wearing (sometimes called) compression suits of body armour held together with mesh and a few straps with either good quality bomber style cotton jackets over the top or what looked suspiciously like rugby shirts. Looked a good choice for the weather.

(Being French of course they had nothing under the compression suits.)

I have an oldish Frank Thomas mesh jacket with armour. I’d give it about 5 yards life in a spill but it is super comfy in the hot weather.

Yea I’vee got an Alpine Stars mesh body armour type thingy, but it’s not thst hot yet!