Recommend me a pair of overtrousers

What do people wear on their commute?

I come in rain or shine from SE20.

At the moment I just wear my jeans (which I wear all day at work and arent kevlar) and have a pair of thin water proof trousers in case of rain.

Would like something i can wear over the jean which are waterproof. I also want them to be abrasion resistant and padded/armoured in case I come off.

I’ve looked around but it all seems to be either waterproofs with no protection or not something you can wear over other stuff.


Just get some textiles in a size up from your normal jeans, you can get waterproof-enough ones. etc

You’ll have to wait for the next Lidl M/C event next March to get the best of the bunch for sensible money. £30, Cordura, lined, detachable thermal lining, reinforced knees and hips, basic CE knee armour, pockets for better knee and hip armour and waterproof for 3 years so far.

After that, I think the Hein Gericke ones came out pretty well in the Ride magazine test.

If you want thinnish, unlined ones but with abrasion resistance, look for Cordura based stuff in sailing shops.

(You think motorcycling can bet a bit wet? Try ocean yacht racing.)

no…no…no…those suggestions just will not do…

thease are what you want…i wear em through peckham all the time:cool:


The lidl ones this year were horrible the stitching was falling apart on five pairs i found and the knee armour was in the wrong place which made it painfull to ride.

Frank thomas x trail i think they are called it what ive got they were £130 very good not let any water in so cant complain

Curiously, I’m wearing this years Lidl over trousers, well, not right now (that would be so wrong) and they are all good.

I guess we have to say the quality is variable and they need checking over. (Don’t assume a few stray loose threads are stitching coming apart. I think mine are fine, and I’m picky and critical)

And you can get 4 pairs for the price of one pair of Frank Thomas x Trail ones.

Oh. My sons last (£100ish) FT trousers leaked like a sieve. The replacement pair were sort of o.k. but not good enough so got replaced by a pair of BMW Atlantis trousers are huge cost. Now those things are the dogs but at that price they should be.

None of this is helping you duncmac , is it?

If you forget the abrasion resistance, and just want waterproof Weiss WT07 for about £15.

I think the getting a size up on something from HG or on sale is best.

There must be something being marketed at scooters and commuters that fits the bill, so I’ll have another look.

What about Spada sets??? Off flebay. about £15. Ive just ordered a set

I have used them for years and really good. (they can be too hot if your in them for too long in the sun! in that case, you dont need them, so take them off)

I’ve got a pair of Weise ‘Psycho’ (I think it’s psycho) trousers which are brilliant. Cost about £120 but I’ve had them over 2 years, had 3 offs (only one big one) and they’re still COMPLETELY waterproof despite the scuffing. Removable lining too so I’ve used them all year (about 20,000 miles a year in all weather :slight_smile: )

May be a bit more expensive than some cheapy waterproof over trousers but they’re totally worth it if you have the pennies :slight_smile:

i’ve used a pair of HG cordura overtrousers for about 2 years and they’ve always stayed waterproof. cost me about £60 i think, would recommend them.

just search textiles on Ebay tons out there and good value go up a size from your normal stuff then you can wear them over the top :slight_smile:

£15 halfords 2 piece rain suit. does what it says on the bag. :wink:

Had a pair of Spidi H20 out for around four years now. Usually bung them in the machine with some tech wash once a year as a treat and they have lasted well up until this “summer” and have started to allow me to enliven the office of a morning with my impersonation of someone with severe incontinence.

Time for them to be replaced methinks.