Recommend a watch...

Can anyone recommend a decent watch that won’t be shaken to death by the vibes from my bike?

Looked at my watch after a blast round the lanes of Kent on Sunday and the minute hand had gone all floppy :w00t:. I assume it was the vibes that did it as it is a fairly new watch.:wink:

So apart from the vibration resistance I’m after a smart automatic watch for less than a hundred squids). Any ideas?

Any of the Casio G shock range will be perfect they waterproof, digital n very robust chech argos they have loads :smiley:

Patek Philippe do a nice range - automatic, where vibrations will wind it up for you! :smiley:

Thanks Steve that would probably do the trick but I’m really looking for a watch with an automatic movement i.e. not battery powered.:slight_smile:

Thanks Alex. The Patek Phillipe watches look very nice but aren’t they bloomin’ expensive at £30k? Hang on there’s one here for £100- can that be right- maybe it’s a fake? Anyway they’re not specifically vibe resistant so still looking.:slight_smile:

maybe some of the girls can answer this… they must have some vibrato… ion resistant watches! :smiley:

I’ve used a Seiko Kinetic for a number of years, which is a motion-generated-power watch. If I were buying a new automatic, I’d prolly look at Traser watches too.

If battery life is a concern, the rest assured… the battery in my G-shock has been going strong for 5 years now and the watch has been around the world with me, hiking, jet-skiing, wake boarding etc etc and done a couple thousand miles on the bike too. Highly recommend them.

I have a polar watch. It is digital, but vibrations are not a problem

I wear a Pulsar Kinetic watch which charges on movement. Had it for nigh on 10 years now and it is faultless. Nice and solid too.

Have a look at this site for a good idea of what you can get in your price range, then go find the cheapest deal.

I can thoroughly recommend the Citizen Eco-Drive watches. They run on light, so as long as there is light your watch will charge! :wink:

Thanks all. Nathan could you put up the link to the site, ta?

Sorry mate! Got all carried away looking at the lovely Tissot MotoGP watches! :stuck_out_tongue:

Here ya go!..

Thanks for the link.This is the offending watch…

I might just try to get it repaired.:slight_smile:

I gave up on watches years ago.
I have a clock on:

  • my bike dash
  • my computer
  • my mobile phone

And not having a watch is always a good excuse to make conversation :wink:
Never miss it these days …

Check this one out - retro 1980s style, yet packed with the latest technology, tough as nails yet solar powered and always 100% accurate courtesy of its Wave Ceptor feature.

If you go the repair route, I can recommend these guys as a watch repairer - used them a few times to fix my mine and also various family and friends watches. Pretty good on price too.

Nivaq. Thanks for that. I own a few antique watches (it comes with age) and have often wondered about them.

Lessismore. I can recommend the self winding Rolex Explorer 1. My 1951 vintage has served well for, er, a while, but the two year service now costs £200 so sod that.

Now use a military style (i.e. plain) Pulsar kinetic. £49 from a “readers offer” from either the Telegraph or Independent, can’t remember which, that’s been as accurate as the Rolex for three years. Dial looks big, but it is ok on my narrow wrist.

And the cement mixer winds it for me at least twice a day.

I have a “Predator” watch bought in Cornwall for a tenner. At a shop too. :smiley: Its been on two Cornwall trips and one accident also been dropped in the bath. For riding a bike? Cheap is best :slight_smile:

I’m looking for a new watch. I have a Seiko Sportura which is fine, but I’ve been through 2 leather straps in 4 years & the little metal bars that hold the strap to the watch always bend. Wouldn’t be so bad, but the proper replacement straps are around £50 & to get little metal bars that aren’t made of cheese the watch has to be sent to Seiko. :angry:

Seen some nice ones on the interweb, but I have quite small wrists, so a watch can look great in a picture, but when you actually see it for real, you realise it’s huge & you would struggle to lift your arm up if you were wearing it…that or you just look like a rapper with a stupidly big watch.