Recommend a professional grade tyre pump?

What do you use. My pump is deflating my tyres. I had a few Halford ones and the ends exploded off with the pressure.

My bicycle pump is also deflating my tyre now so I’m stuck.

Anyone uses a 90 degree angle end type to get those hard to reach valves?

Pedros Prestige bicycle track pump & carry a right angle adapter for emergencies

I’m using local sainsbury’s petrol station free compressor. Pressure sensors in wheels read correct and match the machine.

But if you use that method, remember to use only compressors with motorcycle suitable air!


Previously commuting on a bicycle, I have a couple of bicycle track pumps and haven’t used anything else, but seem to do the job. Out of the two I own, the Joe Blow is the best: , must have had it for about 4 years now, leave it outside sometimes and still works fine.

Haven’t tried anything motorbike specific yet though.

I have Landrover mates who rate Viair compressors as they are quite accurate, good quality and parts are replaceable.

I’m looking at a portable 12v model like the 70P for my bike and car tyres.

Thanks for the ideas.

No Sainsburys in France when I go for summer so that’s a no go. The battery operated ones freak me out. Last thing I want is a dead battery and flat tyres too!

Luke - I have the Topeak I version but it has stopped worked months ago. There is something wrong with my valve connectors. It will do the car, but not the motorcycle. How strange.

I checked the link, and realised you can get these:

I’m going to try this. Maybe that’s all that is wrong with it.

Thanks for the link. The Topeak one is like nothing else. It’ll be great to have it back in action again. It did last 3x longer than my Halfords ones so hopefully with the kit it will keep going.

You do it when the bike is running :doze:

I use my flatmates bike pump which does the trick… Hell Ford link

I’m a fan of those upright pumps, been using them on the motorcycle, mtb and road bike for years. They can be a bit ‘fiddly’ though.

I’ve had a similar issue of the connector ‘‘exploding off’’ the valve which was due to it not being connected properly. Make sure the screw cap is loosened and the locking tab unlocked first. Then while holding the connector on the valve, nip up the screw cap hand tight then move the locking arm to seal.

If that does not work then maybe the head rebuild kit is the cheap fix…having said that, these pumps are not expensive and should last a long time. I’ve got a cheaper version of the Topteak and it’s still going strong after many years of regular use.

+1 for Joe Blow…

I have been through upmteen Halfords pups - all fecking crap , cheap parts that disintegrate anfter a few uses…

I bought one of these of Ebay a while back and it does the job - great quality.

RING … is the make and it has a twist on valve connection so you screw the hose to the valve (no L shaped connectors to get in the way ) takes a bit more time to screw on but you can reach a valve anywhere and it’s 100% airtight…

I’ve got one like that, works perfectly for a car and bike . It just might be slow with higher pressures.

P.S. you can find it cheaper than £22, here is one for £9.99

I got a good small one from STB Mrs wises car boot

she was getting rid of her fiesta so I took the pump its brilliant