Recommend a Ducati dealer ?

Can anybody recommend a good Ducati dealer in Herts/Beds/Cambs area ?

looking for a new bike?

Thanks, was trying to avoid that dealer, not been impressed with them every time I’ve been there.

Looking at the new Ducati Horse :wink:

call me cheap, but when I click on the Monster, I want to see the 2010 colourschemes, not the 2008 ones

Steve i bought my 1098 from aylesbury and they were very good and looked after my bike, unlike Daytona in Ruislip:pinch:

They are not that bad.

I never bought a bike from them but test rode a couple of bikes and bought some gear over the years and they were always very good…

There’s red dog superbikes in potters bar

Dont know them other than been in there for a gander and they seemed cool, busy and were spending time answering my stupid questions :slight_smile:

I would go to RedDog in potter bars. I bought my 1198s from them in March, great service.

I was at brands two weeks ago with the owner Paul when I binned my R6 and because I broke my collar bone, he bought my trailer and bike back for me, so a sound guy.

YOU were there that often they thought you worked there :D:D:D

My only experience of dealers is the guys at Pro Twins. I live in Essex and will travel to Godstone in Surrey when I have another Ducati…

I hope they are not still up to the tricks they performed in the late 90’s.

Please tell mate…I use them alot. I have had great service and help from them. Very quick and professional.Booking it in soon to get belts and somethings done but wont if im advised not to…:wink:

Use them, I’m sure you’ll get good service.

I’d just suggest you are very specific about what you want and check your invoice with care.

okey dokey