recognise this quote any1???

a coffee for any1 that gets it

clue: its an lb member :wink:

" the skills taught are very simple to learn, the same rules apply to wether you’re a novice road rider or a moto gp racer. it helps you make sense of exactly what is going on when you ride a bike and the differences your input can make. i’ve ridden bikes for 28 years and raced for 10 but my skills have been improved for sure "


Going by the age it’s … either B or Pervert Pete :smiley:

I recon its Superdook Pete:cool:

yea it’s b lol i recieved my info pack for california superbike school and he’s quoted as saying that, well im assuming there is only 1 brian nicholson in tthis world that matches that criteria

Riding for 28 years?:w00t:

That must be a 15 year old quote;):smiley:

Wow do I finally win something?

a coffee :smiley:

A wins a win…any holes a goal and all that…

:crazy: As long as it’s not the same sex, or are you into anything? :smiley:

CSS info pack ? :smiley: didn’t they send it :slight_smile:

on the side you pay £400 so they can afford to print some pages for you :w00t:

:hehe: It took a while for me to recognise that it was me, well spotted Curtis.And Chunky…:smiley:

no poke’s no joke…:stuck_out_tongue: