Reclaim our trackdays

Have you seen the road bike only trackdays sponsored by Bike magazine

Tracks, Dates & Prices:

Brands Hatch Indy Circuit
Wednesday 16 June 2010
Int / Adv£165

Thursday 29 July 2010
Int / Adv£99

Cadwell Park Full Circuit
Tuesday 17 August 2010
Int / Adv£99

I have used my road bike for a few trackdays but I’d still take it in a van as I wouldn’t fancy riding home after being on track all day, its knackering mentally and physically!!

in that case if you park the van round the corner and ride the bike to the entrance you should be ok :stuck_out_tongue:

Agree with you on that one Tiggi.

We are doing Cadwell at the end of the month, ride up would not hassle me but getting back on the bike and doing 140 miles after doing a trackday - believe me happy to go up in a van

besides, what happens if one stacks it? :blink:

Gaffa tape and cable ties can repair any bike :smiley:

i got to great yarmouth and back with afew cable ties holding the front end together

if you can’t fix it with gaffa tape and cable ties you’re not using enough

Gaffa tape a snapped frame huh!? :hehe:

I’ve read the horror stories around here!

get a track bike then

bizarre marketting angle. have never heard of anyone complaining about people having tools about to fix bikes when they fall over, or spares for when things get snapped :wink:

besides, cadwell isn’t exactly nearby. full trackday then a multiple hour ride back, even in good weather would be knackering. on a wet day you’d be seriously fecked off by the time you made it home. coming back from donny in the rain for several hours on the bike was crappy too.

woudn’t be surprised if they have trouble filling those days tbh

Its just Bike Magazine trackday/s - I wouldnt worry too much!

Back in the day we used to ride to all trackdays.

I once rode to croft in the *****’ rain on a Sunday PM - did a trackday on Monday and then rode straight home. On a 916! (and it rained on the way home)

I can’t remember how far croft is but it’s a fookin’ long way.

Trailor or van is a lot betterer.

I must confess though, back in the day, there were a lot less people who seemed to be on a mission to crash!

Apart from Brands evenings, they have always been crashfests!

it’s Darwinian: the crash jockeys usually fall off in the first couple of sessions, leaving the rest of the day comparatively safe for the rest of us.On a Brands day recently (a buddy was there), one poor bloke crashed in the paddock coming back from noise testing - didn’t even make it out onto the circuit. Sounded nasty - multiple broken parts, helicopter called…

To me, the most difficult sessions are: first of the day, first after lunch, last. And as for reclaiming trackdays for road bikes - road bikes are for the road, track bikes are for the track. I can’t see anything wrong with building and running a bike that is tailored to it’s environment and designed to take damage.

Don’t get me wrong, if you’re pushing hard - near the end of your envelope (and that point varies greatly from rider to rider) it’s not that hard to crash.

Some people just seem to charge to that point quicker and more frequently than others.

I quite enjoy being one of the only people riding to the track and out manoeuvring those on track bikes with fancy stuff like tyre warmers and track rubber. :smiley:

I’m riding to Snetterton on the 14th, doing the track day and then hopefully riding home again.

It’s definately a bit more concerning that going on a trailor etc. I will know a few guys there but I’m feeling a bit exposed to be honest.

Note to self : R emember to do the tyre pressures before and after the day ! :w00t:

I’m riding to Silverstone tomorrow, riding the new Arena GP layout and then riding back.

Should be ossum, assuming the weather holds out.

In an effort to prove my point, my bike helpfully dropped a valve on mondays’ trackday at brands

I can tell you I was very glad I could out it on the back of the pickup that’s for sure

I was at the Brands Bike Magazine day last Wednesday and it semed pretty busy. There were probably 20 bikes per group (3 groups).A couple of you have mentioned crashes, but I was surprised at the number of red flags. This was my third time round Brands Indy and I’d not previously seen a single red flag and one day was in the pi**ing rain. There must have been five or six on Wednesday. Luckily, I don’t think there were any injuries.

Bike magazine missed a trick though. I thought there would be copies of the magazine to look at and read during breaks and sales staff to flog trial subscriptions. I’m sure people would have signed up to subscriptions there and then if the staff took the time to try.

The 'Storm performed well, but I get absolutely smoked by modern bikes in a straight line. I don’t think there’s much I can do about that, she’s a 13 year old V-twin. On the brakes and through the corners it’s a different story though. My instructor, Richard, was impressed with my corner speed, which was good to hear, he also gave me some good basic advice on my suspension set up. But I still haven’t managed to get my knee down!

Clearways is much nicer now it’s been resurfaced and I’ve finally started to get the hang of it. It’s quite a tricky corner to get right.

The full GP circuit’s next on 18 August (with No Limits if anyone fancies it? I’ve posted it up in the Trackdays section). Not sure what I can do to improve straight line speed, I’m going to get hammered on the fast sections round the back of the circuit. Oh well!

Couple of pics from the day…