Reccommend me somewhere to have an exhaust fitted

Hi everyone,

The downpipes on my new(ish) ZX6R are blowing, i have sourced a replacement set of pipes, but now am looking for a shop/someone who can fit them to my existing blue flame end can and then onto the bike.

I dont have alot of money at the moment and am based in SW london, can any LB’ers point me in the right direction to get my ninja sounding sweet again?

Reply here or PM me,

Cheers in advance

Based in Twickenham.

Thats just down the road from me i will nip over there and have a word.

You used them before, Decent blokes?


I’ve used Les to fit tyres before and I know that a few other guys from here use and recommend him :slight_smile:

lamba motorcycles is good for jobs.
In Carshalton

get spraying the bolts with wd40.

I spoke to Les i believe at, Nice bloke but unfrotunately snowed under with work wouldent even be able to look at it untill next week.

I have had a kind offer via PM from a fabricators which i may well take up, but untill then im still open to places/people. Cheers.

EDIT: /Runs down stairs with WD40 in hand… I pray for no stubborn bolts…

Bring it around to mine and i’ll sort it for you, only charge you a few quid :stuck_out_tongue:

You got mine to do first :w00t:

Calm down, yours will get done when it turns up :wink:

PM Sent :slight_smile:

Big thanks to Ricky, sorted the exhaust out no bother.

Cheers mate.