Rebuilding calipers help required

I’m needed to rebuild the calipers I’ve just got as the seals are pushing forward which are holding the pistons and cooking my brakes.

They are 6 pot calipers and are known for being a pain. Has any one got any previous experience of doing these and any tips, best place to buy seals etc?

Have a look at

frank dunstalls elmers end ordered mine in when I needed then. I’ve only done a 4 and a 2 pot so good luck with those

Wemoto want £5 per piston and I’ve got 12 :frowning:

I heard either ninja junkie or oldguy say they took the dust seals out and ran them like it.

Got the seals £35 posted for both sides from some shop in wales bargain

Now who wants to rebuild them for me :wink:

Ask Matt at OMC :wink:

PM WLODEK on here he’s a motorbike fitter over Slough way :slight_smile:

go on? whats this shop in wales i aint got 6 pots, but very handy to know whos cheaper what else do they do?

shiv…should be able to clean the pistons up fella…You will need a pot of red rubber grease though, for when you are re-fitting them…dont use anything else or you will damage the seals :slight_smile:

Yeah - I just replaced the dust seals with new and carefully removed the original piston seals - cleaned em up and cleaned out the groove they sit in (with something made out of wood or plastic so as not to scratch them) - I then covered em in red rubber grease and replaced them - I am still alive! :smiley:

I managed to get stuck pistons out by sticking a foot pump air hose into the hole where the brake bleeder screw goes and getting a friend to pump the foot pump - and they started to come out.

If it’s not practical to use compressed air - e.g. you are working on a split caliper/the other pistons have popped out so making it airtight is a bugger then investing in a brake piston removal kit can be worthwhile:

Cardiff Motorcycles Limited £16 a side not bad when rubber is just rubber we shall see how they hold up vs oem

ill get some red grease in the week i had some years ago but bet thats long gone now

Ive always used clean brake fluid on the rubber seals and that works too. Probably easier with red rubber grease though to push the pistons in the seals. I normally put a small bit of wood between the caliper and use compressed air to force the pistons out. Once the pistons touch the wood you can normally get them out much easier because they will of freed off a bit. Just make sure everything is clean and you will be fine.

I’ve done loads of the 6 pots - they’re ok to strip and rebuild, but utter, utter bastards to get bled properly
As soon as I get a set of 6 pots I take out the dust seals.I strip and clean them monthly anyway, so no problem.
Hardly ever need to replace the fluid seals - just whip them out, clean up the recess they sit in, clean the fluid seals in brake fluid and refit.Clean up the pistons using scotchbrite if necessary for any burrs / high spots.
Bang it all back together with a light smear of red grease and then spend the next day/ week swearing while you try to get them bled.
Best to give the master cylinder a bleed first to make sure you are actually moving fluid through the lines.

try bleeding a blackbirds linked system now that a pain in the ar$e :D:D:D

Honda always have to make things more sophisticated and complicated than they have to be - I mean look at v-tec on the vfr!